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The Articulation Program for the Bachelor Degree in Management and Business is offered completely online and has been designed to prepare professionals in the Administration area, who wish to acquire the essential knowledge, skills and abilities, to properly fulfill functions of coordination, management and management in the business field, both in the public and private sectors. In addition, as in others related to the technical, economic, management, legal, regulatory or service fields.

Caribbean International University has designed this program of Academic Continuation at the Bachelor level, to meet the felt needs of continuation in the professional training of graduates of Higher University Technician, offering them the opportunity to specialize them to perform management functions in the business and public sector. .

The program introduces participants to the fundamentals of business planning, organization and leadership and at the same time provides them with essential knowledge to continue their career in the world of business management.

General objective

Train high-level professionals, providing the tools and knowledge of the world of business management, which allow them to respond efficiently and successfully to professional responsibilities, for their personal benefit and that of their companies.

  • Promote ethical values and social responsibility in the participant, as the foundations of their professional performance.
  • Develop innovative abilities and skills for collaborative teamwork as transformative goals in companies.
  • Train professionals with skills to appropriately use information technology and relate it to the use of processes oriented towards excellence in business management.
  • Train and provide participants with solid knowledge, attitudes, skills and competencies necessary to improve their effectiveness and progress to positions of greater responsibility in organizations and to be able to perform strategic-level business management functions in the business sector.

Specific objectives

  • Prepare the participant with the necessary tools to provide an efficient managerial function in the private and public sector.
  • Develop oral and written communication techniques and skills necessary for optimal exercise in the business world.

Study plan

Code Courses Weeks Hours Credits
GT12019 Technological Knowledge Management I 8 48 4
GT22020 Technological Knowledge Management II 8 48 4
1114PRG Principles of Management 8 48 4
1114ERE Ethics and Corporate Responsibility 48 4
1114LIG Management Leadership 8 48 4
1114COE Business Communication 48 4
TOTAL PERIOD I 16 192 16
1124PEL Strategic Planning 8 48 4
1124NEXT Management Information System 48 4
1124COR Organizational Behavior 8 48 4
1124ORE Business Organization 48 4
1124IN1 English Instrumental I 6* 36 4
1134GEP Production Management 8 48 4
1134GEF Financial Management 48 4
1134GEC Quality Management 8 48 4
1134GSC Customer Services Management 48 4
1134IN2 English Instrumental II 6* 36 4

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