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Caribbean International University is a private university, duly registered and authorized by the government of Curaçao. Our principles extend beyond traditional education to realize the vision of a contemporary modern university, grounding our curriculum in four fundamental pillars:

Learning to know:
Combining general culture with the deepening of specific fields of knowledge.

Learning to do:

Acquiring not only professional qualifications but also competencies that meet the demands of the labor market.

Learning to Live Together:

Developing teamwork habits, respecting the values of pluralism, and fostering an understanding of others.

Learning to be:

Emphasizing one’s own personality and achieving the ability to work with autonomy of judgment, honesty, and personal responsibility.

The four pillars are defined by the capacities that each participant in the process will develop: the ability to communicate in a language that fosters dialogue, understanding, and the use of evidence; the acquisition of knowledge; and the lifelong desire to learn, instilled by the training received at Caribbean International University.

Caribbean International University offers programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and online corporate services levels. The development of teaching-learning processes is of great interest to the university as they serve as a crucial link between professors and students. Caribbean International University dedicates significant effort to preparing students who are leaders in their professions and serve as exemplary professionals. Additionally, we have internationally recognized experts in various fields of study who provide academic advice in multiple languages to students both on the island of Curaçao and abroad, facilitating a step towards globalized education. By implementing cutting-edge technological advances, we offer academic programs delivered via the Internet, along with various technological strategies for teaching and administrative systems.

At Caribbean International University, we are more than just an educational institution—we are a gateway to the world. As a private, technological, and dynamic university, we offer a broad spectrum of competitive programs tailored for students, graduates, and prospective candidates eager to excel in a globally interconnected community. Embrace the opportunity to thrive in an autonomous and innovative learning environment where your professional development is our top priority. Join us at Caribbean International University, where your future extends beyond borders.

Careers offered by Caribbean International University:

These careers are offered in Spanish

Bachelor in business manager

Students who aspire to the Bachelor in Business Manager degree must first pass the Associate Degree in Business degree before continuing with their corresponding Bachelor studies.

Goal of the careers.

  The graduate of this program is considered a human resource, with high critical and evaluative capacity for highly competent strategic business plans, with strong knowledge in the area of design, implementation, evaluation of strategic plans and business, having tools of deep knowledge that allow you to face situations of uncertainty through efficient and timely decision making.

Work field.

He is a professional capable of acting in a multidisciplinary team, with leadership skills, decision-making and organizational management and Finance. Being able to be placed effectively in administrative functions of public or private industries.

Bachelor in Audiovisual Communication Sciences

Students who aspire to a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication Sciences must first pass the Associate Degree in Business Management and then continue with their corresponding Bachelor’s studies.

 Goal of the careers.

  The Communication Sciences career, audiovisual mention, trains professionals with extensive knowledge in the production of programs of various kinds, focused on the needs, objectives and resources of both institutions and society in general, using the audiovisual medium as a tool in attractive shape.

Work field.

Communication Sciences audiovisual specialization is developed in different areas of the media such as press, television, radio, public or private companies of an economic or cultural nature.

Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality Specialty

  Students who aspire to a bachelor’s degree in Tourism, Hospitality Specialty must first pass the Associate Degree in Business Management and then continue with their corresponding Bachelor’s studies.

Goal of the careers.

Train graduates with knowledge, experiences and skills to perform efficiently in the programming, organization and tourism, hotel planning, tending to achieve an adequate professional insertion.

Work field.

  He is a professional capable of acting in a multidisciplinary team with leadership, decision-making and organizational management skills, which can be effectively placed in administrative functions in the hospitality area.

Extension courses

  • Spanish
  • Intensive English levels I,II,III,IV
  • Papiamento
  • Dutch
  • Administrative software


To become the leading training center for highly qualified professionals. We aim to advance academic research activities that enrich educational fields with practical applications and provide the necessary tools for competitiveness in a global technological world. Our students can achieve their educational goals at their own pace, regardless of their geographical location.


Our mission is to train high-quality university professionals through continuous education that evolves with technological and scientific advances. We emphasize experience as a vital source of knowledge that contributes to societal improvement. Caribbean International University is dedicated to fostering an educational environment that encourages research, creativity, and professional learning. We are committed to maintaining an international presence, ensuring that all students have access to our courses and educational programs online through an innovative teaching system.